Marina Heintze is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her striking large scale figurative works of female nudes and objects delve into the narrative of hyper-sexualized stereotypes and the objectification of women

within our world.  She confronts the viewer with prescient issues dealing with these stereotypes sometimes using poses of the All-American pin-up to contemporary new body language of T.H.O.T.S found on social

media. These hybrid female bodies become a landscape in which the figure carries symbols loaded with the ideology of female as sex object and the imbalanced historical connotations that go with it. Heintze’s

figures are painted life sized cut-out watercolors as well as colorful paper and plastic collages using charged signs and symbols such as the hashtag, the web and shooting targets. Her intention behind the work is

to raise questions about how the female anatomy can create restrictions as well as generating advantages which can lead to a constant state of conflict. She tries to break down the idea of the abstraction of

the female figure into a universal body language and grapples with how one documents females without sexuality and narcissism on Instagram and other social media websites. Her experimental work drives to

answer the question if there is a ubiquitous level of sexuality inside the world of the web.